North Carolina Eatery Named The 'Best Seafood Restaurant' In The State

Photo: LauriPatterson/E+/Getty Images

Thousands of miles of shoreline across America allows many states, even those not bordering an ocean, to have ample access to fresh seafood at the drop of a hat and that would please any seafood lover, pescatarian or really any foodie who wants to feel like their meal was the catch of the day.

According to a list compiled by 24/7 Tempo, the best seafood restaurant in North Carolina is Captain Tom's Seafood Grill & Bar. You don't have to be right along the coast to find incredible fresh and tasty seafood, and this Kernersville eatery proves that. Captain Tom's Seafood Grill & Bar is located at 1265 Highway 66 South.

Here's what the site had to say about North Carolina's "best seafood restaurant":

"Serving down-home cuisine including fried platters with hush puppies and cole slaw, Captain Tom's is a classic seafood joint with a casual, neighborhood vibe. The flounder filets and popcorn shrimp are breaded to perfection, the portions are large, and the she-crab soup is the best around."

To determine its list, 24/7 Tempo looked at lists, ratings and reviews from sites like Guide Michelin as well as local and regional sites. The list includes eateries that run the gamut from ultra-casual seafood shacks to establishments that require a dress code to dine in. Check out the full list highlight the best seafood restaurant in each state at

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